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DESIGN - Baseball Softball Stitches Custom Text 01 (#SPBB-0002)

DESIGN - Baseball Softball Stitches Custom Text 01 (#SPBB-0002)

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Note, this product must be paired with an item to be printed on.  If you put this item in your cart without the purchase of a product with instructions to print it, you will not get anything.

There are 2 ways to order this design.  First choose the item you want to get it printed on.  Products can be found here:

Then once you select the product, you can either use the code form the title of this design that starts with # or you can use the drop down menus directly from the product to find the design.  It is easier to look through designs separately. 

All designs can be found here:

This is a digital print that will be printed on demand as you order an item.  The ink colors can be selected by you.  This item can also be further customized, send us a message with what you are looking for and the Design Name to

COLOR 1 - Baseball Stitches

COLOR 2 - Text

PERSONALIZATION - You can choose the text, it works best with about 13 characters or less.

We also offer traditional screen printing at much lower costs if you want to order 50 of the same design.  Send us a message to

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